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Brain Experimentation Two:

Why TruBrain Will Change the

Published On April 28, 2017 By: Justin Dutra

Hey everyone. Today I will talk to you on the experience I had with the brand ‘TruBrain‘ and what I found was the best dosage and their approach in terms of optimizing brain health and performance through the use of neuropeptides. Their focus drives on these principles below:

  • Neuroscientist Designed
  • Data driven by neurotechnology
  • Saves you time and money for you to instantly see results once consumed

As you can see TruBrain has the competency and credibility to back up their unique proprietary blend of neuropeptides to instantly help you achieve neurological health. My experience is described below so sit back and relax and enjoy another episode on experimenting with neurohacking.


TRIAL 1: APRIL 4, 2017


Today I made the decision to take a ‘Original’ in the morning and a ‘Boost’ in the afternoon. After taking my¬†first drink, I began to feel the effects after two minutes in a light enhancement. Throughout the day I felt:

  • Increased spatial awareness
  • Heightened conscious awareness
  • A pleasant and focused state which was in control
  • Very connected in the present moment and enhanced intuition
  • Slightly relaxed as well

As a biohacker, I started to feel like a champion (not unstoppable) and be able to get all I had planned for that day done. My next test would include doubling my intake and see if this would be an appropriate amount to ingest.


TRIAL 2: APRIL 14, 2017


This was the time to go all out and OD a little bit to configure what would be the right dosage for me to take on a daily basis to ensure mental dominance and brain fluidity. This day I ingested two ‘Originals’ in the morning and two ‘Boosts’ in the afternoon and the effects were breath taking. After just a few minutes everything began to be visualized in my brain with the up most clarity and detail. The effects included:

  • Increased focus
  • Enhanced creativity
  • A relentless drive to do more work efficiently
  • My intelligence increased
  • Vocabulary diction become varied
  • I felt grounded and in the moment with continued attentiveness to my life

All though this high dosage gave me a slight headache, I managed to get all my tasks done with no fatigue and conquer the day. I will definitely add this brand to my nootropic stack and come back in the future for further diagnostics and experimentation with other products. Any one who wants to try it out can do so below or by clicking one of the links highlighted throughout this post.

I hope you enjoyed my two sense in relation to TruBrain and make sure to come back next week on the ‘evolutionary brain’ which is the first exposed chapter of the ‘Neurohackers Handbook.’ Don’t wait you guys and make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to ensure you pre-order discount on the book once its release date in June, 2017.

Anyway thank you for joining us and tune into our Instagram to find what is trending in the brain optimization industry.

Thank you and take care.